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Create a Plan for Your Online Marketing

Digital marketing also known as online marketing is something that any business will need to look at.  As the world is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet, you need to get your business out there and seen by your potential clients.  To successfully complete digital marketing you need to go through certain steps.

Step 1 – Create A Marketing Strategy

The first step in successful digital marketing is to have a plan and to stick to it.  Planning what you are going to do will help you determine what your next steps will be.  The marketing strategy should cover all aspects of your marketing from your search engine optimization to paid advertising and the use of social media.

You will also need to include measurable goals in your strategy.  When creating the goals you need to be realistic and exact as vague goals will not help you.  Being realistic is very important and you need to carefully consider how long each marketing method will take to get results.

Step 2 – Implement SEO

The first part of any digital marketing should be SEO or search engine optimization.  This will affect how you set up your website and the content that you have on the site.  All of this should be geared toward your customer, but be easy for the search engines to read.

The parts of your SEO strategy that you need to consider are the keyword research, the content on your site and whether or not you are going to target local searches.  Local searches need a slightly different SEO strategy and you need to consider this.  If you have a business with a physical address and service a defined area then you need to look at local searches.

Step 3 – Set Up Social Media Accounts

Social media is a vital part of digital marketing as it is a great inbound marketing tool.  However, before you start opening accounts on every platform you can think of you need to carefully consider what the platform has to offer your business.  Facebook is considered to be the go to platform and can help businesses of any type.  Visually based businesses such as design companies should look at platforms that emphasize pictures like Pinterest.

It is unlikely that you will be able to successfully have a presence on every social media platform.  Choosing two or three to focus on is recommended as you will be able to build a relationship with users.  Part of your social strategy should be to communicate with your users through commenting on their posts and replying to comments they leave you.

Step 4 – Have A Tracking System

To determine whether or not your digital marketing strategy is working you need to look at a tracking system.  There are free systems like Google Analytics which tells you where your website traffic is coming from.  By tracking where your traffic comes from you can adjust your marketing strategy to focus on these areas and increase the overall traffic and conversions of your website.