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Online Marketing Strategies

There are a number of different types of digital marketing and you need to find the one that it right for you.  Some of these types are free to implement while others will require starting capital.  However, all of the digital marketing types will require work and are a continuous process.

Search Engine Optimization

The most commonly used form of digital marketing is search engine optimization.  This is actually recommended to anyone with a website or blog as it helps you rank on search engines.  There are a number of steps that you will have to complete with this marketing including content creation, keyword research and the creation of back links.  SEO can be free to complete on your own, but you can hire an SEO firm to complete this for you. To find a firm, run a search using your city name, for example: online marketing Orlando. Or SEO firm Orlando. You get the idea.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Another type of digital marketing is pay per click or PPC advertising.  There are a couple of ways to complete this advertising depending on the platform you are using.  If you are using search engines then you will bid for keywords and your advert will appear when these keywords are used.  For other platforms like Facebook, you will target certain users and demographics and your advert will appear for these users.  You will pay a varying amount for each click that the advert attracts.

Social Media and Content Marketing

As the name suggests this type of digital marketing relates to the use of social media networks to promote your brand, business or website.  You will need to open an account on relevant social media platforms and start posting to complete this.  You also need to look at proactively engaging with your potential customers by responding to their posts and to any comments they leave for you.

Content marketing is closely linked to SEO and social media marketing.  Content marketing will be the creation of content that attracts customers and is easy for your customer to share with others.  Many people believe that this is not actually a type of digital marketing, but rather a single aspect of SEO as content is part of that strategy.

Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you offer someone a commission for generating a sale or sign up for you.  There are a number of marketplaces where you can advertise your product or offer along with the commission you are going to pay.  The affiliate marketer will sign up and promote your business for you saving you time and effort.  Each time they complete a sale or signup you will pay them their commission.

Influencer marketing will make use of someone who has influence over your potential customers.  To use this marketing you will have to strike a deal with the person to get them to influence the people who follow them.  This is similar to large brands like Pepsi having a celebrity spokesperson.

There are a number of different types of digital marketing that you can use.  SEO is something that you have to consider as it constantly helps your business.  The other types of marketing should be looked at and assessed based on your business needs.